We provide all type of griding media such as alumina ball and flint pebbles at various grade, quality, size and lining for ball mills.

Alumina Ball & Lining

Technical Characteristics

A12O3 (%)Density (g/cm3)Wear Loss (%)Water Absorption (%)

Specification for Alumina Ball

Diameter (mm)30405060

Specification of Mill Lining Blocks

NameRectangle BrickTrapezoid BrickFlake BrickHalf-Rectangle BrickHalf-Trapezoid Brick
Length (mm)1551521527777
Width (mm)5050/4530/255050/45
Height (mm)6060606060

Flint Pebble

Our French flint pebble is of exceptional purity with excellent abrasion resistance. The sizes range from 4 to 12cm. Compared to synthetic grinding media, flint pebbles has favorable ratio of price to performance.

Specification for Alumina Ball


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