Ceramic Mould

The ceramic moulds that we supply are known for their quality and lifespan with a reputable presence in Asia. Our manufacturer has been involved in production of ceramic moulds since 1969. Mould Repair Services We also provide mould repair services as added value services to our customers to minimize their production downtime at competitive prices. … Continued

Ceramic Rollers

Technical Characteristics Characteristics Items Types S-1000/ VF85 VS-3000/ VJ95 VS-4000/ SC95 S-3000/ VF95 S-4000/ DF95 S-5000/ GF95 S-6000/ GF98 Physical Properties Bulk Density (g/cm3) 2.3-2.5 2.5-2.7 2.4-2.6 2.5-2.7 2.5-2.7 2.6-2.9 2.7-3.0 Apparent Porosity (%) 20-25 17-22 18-21 17-22 15-20 14-18 14-18 Water Absorption (%) 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-7.5 4-6 4-6 Bending Strength (Mpa) Indoor … Continued


Raw & Processed Materials We provide a wide range of raw and processed materials for the ceramic industry either from our own mines or source from various countries. Prudent quality inspection, long term relatioship with our suppliers and regular visits to their mines and factories ensure that our products are of the higest quality to … Continued


Sodium Feldspar We produce several blends of sodium feldspar to suit various ceramic and glass applications. For further info, please request for actual specifications and samples for testing. Potassium Feldspar Details: Loss of ignition: 0.37% Size: Chips ( < 5mm) Powder (#200) Content % Silicon dioxide (SiO2) 65.80 Aluminum Oxide (A12O3) 18.80 Iron(III) Oxide (Fe2O3) … Continued

Grinding Media

We provide all type of griding media such as alumina ball and flint pebbles at various grade, quality, size and lining for ball mills. Alumina Ball & Lining Technical Characteristics A12O3 (%) Density (g/cm3) Wear Loss (%) Water Absorption (%) 92 ≥3.56 ≤0.025 ≤0.01 Specification for Alumina Ball Diameter (mm) 30 40 50 60 Specification … Continued

Iron Remover

CCS-G-F-15K CCS-GY-15K CCS-G-15K-ZD Automatic Electromagnetic Iron Removers Description CCS-G-15K CCS-G-15K-ZD Input Voltage 3 phase, 380V/415V 3 phase, 380V/415V Output Voltage DC 175∼185V DC 175∼185V Initial Current 25∼30A 54∼60A Thermal Balance Current 25A 44A Thermal Balance Temperature 55°C 65°C Total Power 5Kw 8Kw Intensity of Magnetic Field ≥15000 GS ≥15000 GS Cooling System Outer coolant-water, inner … Continued

Moulding Materials

Epoxies, Silicones & Polyurethanes We supply a wide range of epoxies, silicones and polyurethanes for the manufacture of moulds for the ceramic and construction industries. Our polyurethanes are famous for its durability long functional life and shrinkage free properties. Product Application Mixing Ratio (weight) Shore Hardness Reckli Pur A55 Type K pourable elastic two-component compound … Continued

Other Minerals

Talc Chips Details: Loss of ignition: 6.5% Specific Gravity: 2.55 Size: Chips (<6mm) Content % Silicon dioxide (SiO2) 50-55 Aluminum Oxide (A12O3) 2-2.5 Iron(III) Oxide (Fe2O3) 1-1.5 Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) 0.10 Calcium Oxide (CaO) 3-3.5 Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 27-28 Moisture Max. 6.0 Details: Loss of ignition: 6.5% Specific Gravity: 2.55 Size: Chips (<6mm) Content % … Continued

Steel Mould Base

We specialize in the supply of plastic injection, die casting and stamping mould base and plates complete with their accessories. Our products go through rigorous, continuous quality assurance and control measures to ensure the superior quality and design of every product we provide. Standard two plate mould base (size ranges from 150 x 150mm up … Continued

Vibrating Separator

The CCS-G 400 to 1000 series is our most popular vibrating seperator machine. It is highly suitable for quick separation of any powder, grain and liquid in foodstuff, chemical, pharmaceutical, grinding, ceramic and metals processing. Sealed Type Brand New F Model Brand New "F" Model Higher capacity output and energy efficient than conventional models Specially … Continued