Raw & Processed Clay

Raw & Processed Materials

We provide a wide range of raw and processed materials for the ceramic industry either from our own mines or source from various countries. Prudent quality inspection, long term relatioship with our suppliers and regular visits to their mines and factories ensure that our products are of the higest quality to meet our customer expectations.

Malaysian Plastic Clay (Unprocessed)

Typical Chemical Analysis
SiO260.78%CaO0.01%Loss of Ingnition9.5%
A12O324.18%K2O1.79%Moisture32% Max.

Malaysian Non Plastic Clay (Unprocessed)

Typical Chemical Analysis
SiO264%CaO<0.01%Loss of Ingnition8.5%
A12O324%K2O1.00%Moisture30% Max.
TiO20.95%MgO0.16%Fired Shrinkage at 1200°C4.0%
Water Absorption at 1200°C13%

Kaolin (Processed)

Typical Chemical Analysis
SiO250.37%CaO<0.01%Loss of Ingnition11.10%
A12O334.64%K2O1.00%Moisture15% Max.
Fe2O30.86%Na2O0.05%Brightness70% Min.
TiO20.14%MgO0.16%Viscosity – Brookfied100∼300 cp
Particle Size Finer Then 2µm18% Min.

Ball Clay(Processed)

We also have good source of processed ball clay from China and Indonesia which can tailor to your requirements.

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