The Group’s trading activities are managed by CCS Corporation Sdn Bhd (CCS). CCS started off by supplying body and glaze stains for the ceramic industry and has then expanded to trading of ceramic pigment, chemicals, ceramic industry related machineries and steel moulds.

With customer satisfaction as a key priority, our sales team are always alert and sensitive to market trends. We strive to offer most competitive rates while fulfilling customers’ requirement in terms of product quality.


In 1986, the Group has ventured into bulk trading (ceramic materials) and mining with the incorporation of Ceramic Material Supply Sdn Bhd (CMS). CMS started with the operation of pottery stone mining in Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan. Currently CMS operates two feldspar mines in Gua Musang, Kelantan and Lanchang, Pahang. The combined production capacity of both mines are approximately 400,000 tonnes per annum.

Productive Summit Sdn Bhd (PS) was established in 2000 to extract clay in Johor and subsequently expanded to other states in Malaysia that includes kaolin, semi plastic clay and ball clay mining.

With a team of dedicated and experienced geologists, we continue to explore non-metallic mineral resources in Malaysia.

Mineral Processing

With various clay and feldspar mines throughout Malaysia under the Group, CCS invested heavily in research and development to develop and improve its products. Successfully launched products are refined feldspar, kaolin, and compound body materials for production of handformer in the gloves industry.

Mould & Engineering Services

In 2013, CCS branch in Johor was incorporated to provide speedier and more cost- effective service to customers in relation to ceramic mould business. It has since further expanded to provide customisation of steel moulds for plastic injection and die casting industries.

Logistics (Bulk Cargo)

In 2008, the Group continued to grow its horizons by setting up a dedicated and experienced logistic team under Continental Routeplan Sdn Bhd (CRS), a subsidiary of CCS.


CRS initially serves as the Group’s logistic agent to provide speedier delivery to customers nationwide. CRS truck fleet underwent active expansion and to-date, it transports cargo not less than 40,000 metric tonnes per month, for both the Group and external customers.

Bulk Handling

CRS has a storage facility (mainly for bulk cargo) on land area of 10 acres nearby Westport to cater for quick and flexible distribution of goods. With good business ties and close co-operation with various ship-owners & port authorities, CRS has consistently met its customers’ requirements by ensuring timely and uninterrupted shipments/cargo deliveries worldwide. To date, CRS has handled and exported more than a million metric tonnes of cargo by time/voyage charter of conventional vessels and barges.