The ceramic moulds that we supply are known for their quality and lifespan with a reputable presence in Asia. Our manufacturer has been involved in production of ceramic moulds since 1969.

Mould Repair Services

We also provide mould repair services as added value services to our customers to minimize their production downtime at competitive prices.

Cemented Carbide Liners

The most exposed part of our liners has been reinforced with cemented carbride which can increase the lifespan of the liner to 2 million presses (Guaranteed). Standard liners (SKD 11) can last up to 0.3 million presses per side (Guaranteed).

Gapless Liner Setting

The pressed out tiles will be concrete in angles and presentable in appearance. Its lifespan is no longer and there is obvious improvement in inner frame dimensions, angles and etc. If compared to the normal linear cut frame

Improved Isostatic Punches

Our improved isostatic punches has minimal rubber tearing and bulging caused by uneven distribution of powder or sophisticated tile designs.

Spring Type Rubber Footer

Our spring type rubber replaces the complicatied liquid press system typically found in the lower punch.

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